Sunday, May 31, 2015

TV Shows in development WGA

The Italian Food Network
The Mexican Food Network
The Mexican Affair
Wise Guys Roasts
Palm Springs Nite Life
The Starlite Bistro
Rent My Film Crew
The Uber Diaries

"Stringer" The Queens Extradition
"This was pure unadulterated Bullshit! Getting caught smuggling cocaine in tires of Formula One cars was the biggest mistake I made in my Life." But that wasn't the beginning, my life as a mercenary, killing for MI-5, the Israeli Government, and the South African Secret Service made me millions. I became a celebrity supplying "coke" to my London pals, until Scotland Yard made me a target. I threw it all away having a beautiful girlfriend, living the life on a 60 foot yacht in Monte Carlo, that was to easy. Nope, I had to get into the dark side and it cost me dearly. Fortunately I managed to land on my feet."             

"Wise Guys Cooking."
"Variety Cooking Show" with "Comic Show Host."  Interviews "Tonight Show" style introducing young and old Mafia recipes from known "underworld" characters.  More to come.

"Blood of the Devil."
Two young University students, traveling the back roads of Northern Michigan see strange figures hanging from trees, not paying attention they drive off a dead end road, wind up in the hospital, bone cadavers are transplanted in their bodies. Dreams and strange things happen to the characters as they seek out the donor of their transplanted bones.

Just Molly and Me 
A young boy seeks out a German Shepard on the Internet.  The Shepard turns into a frolicking "inquisitive" puppy.  Living on a country club makes life difficult for golfers searching for errant golf balls.  The dogs potential is recognized by the military, the boy now enters the service with his dog. The female military dog trainer falls in love with the recruit and his dog.  After training the boy and his dog are sent to the "Middle East"  as part of a combat unit that's  trained to "sniff" out roadside bombs. The dog his handler and their war time escapades are documented.  They receive  medals and a heroes welcome after arriving from their war time stint.

Operation Starlite
A young Marine Officer receives a battlefield promotion when his Captain is shot in an "ambush" by Viet Cong fighters.  Lt. Purnell takes charge of a battalion of men as they charge through enemy lines killing hundreds of Viet Cong in "hand to hand" combat. 

San Pedro Cops
"Back in the Day" these two zany officers become celebrities at the LAPD's Harbor Division Headquarters.  The 1970's were a trying period for these two officers, investigating "domestic violence, drug arrests, addressing homeless peoples issues, teenage crime, car chases, personal problems.  A comedy series.

The Brothers
Two Russian brothers, who are stars on the Network TV Dance Show, have a following of tens of thousands of adoring fans.  During hiatus they travel back to New York City.  Their lives depicted by their daily routines with their family are spotlighted in the series.

Shark Starter
Four Hollywood Producers and Directors are pitched by Short Story, Screenplay, and Indie Film writers.  Short trailers are presented, the panel discusses the value of each "Treatment" offer advice and are invited by the creator of the original work to fund the project.

The Artist's Entrance
In Development

St. Tony's
A Charter School focuses on a curriculum that teaches students how to create new forms of communication.  Their ideas are monitored by hackers that take their work and convert it into projects that are harmful to society.  Other students invent or create software to counter these dark invaders and a web of espionage and intrigue weave into stories on a weekly series.

Eternal Cities
A small town in Italy, Compo de Mille, is known around the world as the "Eternal City."  The inhabitants live to an average age of 95.  They live off the land, and produce products that affect the longevity of mankind.  Other cities around the world have this unique character and a weekly series will document the lives and practices that create a long life.

The Queens Extradition
A former M-5 operative starts a new life owning a Formula One Racing Team.  Dealing exotic drugs, smuggling them F-1 cars back to England he becomes the go to drug supplier for everyone from celebrities to government officials.  Still a gun for hire Stringer has no boundaries.  Israel, the US, French authorities employ Stringer for the dirtiest of dirty work.

Chasing Eternity
Wondering what happens to your soul when you die.  A futuristic space program delves into where we land after death.  Do we become stars in the universe or are we some meaningless matter lost in space.

The Gitmo Diaries
Hundreds of Middle East Terrorists have been captured on the battle fields since the US offensive began in 9/11.  Many have been released and returned to fight again.  This series documents their return to the battlefield.  One by one they are released to become larger menaces to allied forces fighting "Radical Islam." 

War Dogs the Shepherd Diaries
 A documentary featuring "mans best friend."  How "War Dogs" played a role in wars throughout the world.  Trained to defend brave men and carry out missions that astonish historians.

The Life of Wiley
A young cinematographer records history with his camera.  Events that change public perception about the reality of human interaction throughout the world.

A Covert force, veiled in a cloak of "plausible deniability" trains on a little known west coast Alaskan island.  They're supplied with the latest tools of modern warfare. Shipments arrive 24/7 on small cargo plane's  on the island's short runway, unload, and quickly takeoff. They supply the force with supplies and everyday training materials that will soon carry them to the worlds trouble spots fighting "radical religious fanatics."    Their job is to meet savagery with savagery. Ex Delta Force, Special Ops, Navy Seals, all veterans, take orders from ex-Marine General, code name "Red Bull." "Red Bulls" force moves with lightning speed and gets results.  Forget everything you've heard about the rules of engagement these gladiators are men of  valor, they're indispensable in the age of modern warfare.

Chasing Eternity Expanded Treatment
Wondering what happens to your soul when you die.  A futuristic space program delves into where we land after death.  Do we become stars in the universe or are we some meaningless matter lost in space.
Four Archaeologists discover three figurines in a royal Maya tomb in Guatemala dating back 1000 years BC.           
The complex symbolism carved into the pieces reveal the Maya Universe.  With a planet that resembles Saturn and mythical moons appear to rotate around the ringed planet. A symbol that resembles an object entering the Maya Universe depicts a bird landing on sacred Maya lands.           
NASA's Lab in Pasadena, California, has been experimenting with missions below the Alaskan Ice cap, and below the deepest depths of the Pacific Ocean.  The purpose is to create sounds that cannot be heard by the human ear but detected by hi tech computers that replay the sounds magnified millions of times louder for scientists to monitor.           
Huge radar dishes based in the Nevada desert are searching for sounds of life in the vast environments of the Universe.  Is there life in distant planets, or does our solar system harbor living beings that can be heard and detected by sophisticated devices designed to pick up bio-signatures of life past or present from nearby planets.           
An odd faint signal has been detected from Mars.  The signal has been beaming for an undetermined time and may provide a clue to how our planet earth was formed.             
Orbiting spacecrafts circling Mars and Saturns moons show a pattern of signals that may be connected and projected from their locations to other planets outside of the Milky Way.           
Is there life in outer space, are the stars connected to life after death.  Is their resting place for the billions of people that have died on planet earth and become some  a type of matter as twinkles beyond our galaxy.            
NASA's prepared a mission to our neighbor planets, rockets have been developed that can move through space at the speed of light. Our first mission is about to launch to find life outside of our planet.           
Condos To Castles
A Reality Show featuring the most beautiful Condos and Castles for sale in the world.  Beautiful villas in France, Tuscany, Asia, and the US.  Traveling the world to tour these beautiful properties.

Ancient Eats
Noodles made in China became a staple throughout Europe.  One of the many products that have transformed the eating habits from Italy to the United States.  These ancient recipe's are featured in a show that traces the history of how foods were prepared from prehistoric man to the present.

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