Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Homeless Detective Summary

 TV Series
  Creator Mike Colonna

GENRE: Action-Drama

LOGLINE:  A disgraced plastic surgeon joins the Marine Corps. He becomes the lone survivor when his platoon hits a roadside bomb. His traumatic brain injury  gives him special powers.  Now homeless, he begins a new life as a police informant. Solving crimes with his ghost platoon.

SUMMARY: The Homeless Detective is an American television series which takes us through the life of young plastic surgeon Joe DiVinci.

His life changes after he botches a facelift on a famous Hollywood actress. He loses his wife in a freak accident and his license during a medical board hearing.

Distraught, he joins the Marine Corps as a Medic and Intelligence officer.  During a mission to clear out an enemy stronghold near Fallujah, an IED explodes under his armored vehicle killing all 8 of his platoon. DiVinci is the lone survivor.  He suffers a severe brain injury, that gives him special powers he uses to communicate with his deceased platoon.

His injury makes him unemployable. He creates a new life under the Seventh Street bridge, that overlooks L.A.’s massive train yard.

On a starry night DiVinci hears an explosion on top of the Seventh Street Bridge. An LAPD officer is left for dead when her car runs over terrorist bomb.  DiVinci rescues the officer. She becomes his best friend.                                    

DiVinci befriends an 80 year old homeless man that’s lived most of his life on L.A. streets. The Sherlock Holmes duo works undercover for the LAPD, and solves crimes with DiVinci’s Ghost Platoon,

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