Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Pitch Fest Summary

The Pitch Fest
TV Series
Creator Mike Colonna

GENRE: Reality Show

LOGLINE:  Respected Producers, Showrunners, and Screenwriters, participate in a TV Show. Aspiring  writers pitch a solid idea that can be developed into a TV Series or Big Screen Movie.

SUMMARY: The Pitch Fest is a TV show/Podcast, designed to put authors and agents together for the purpose of pitching projects. This is an unprecedented opportunity for those writers looking to get or change agents. And where better to have this event than on a TV Series seen by thousands.

The Pitch Fest is set up like a speed-dating event. Screenwriters  pitch their novel to an agent for a few minutes, get the agent’s reaction, and then move on to a different agent.

A Shark Tank of professionals will listen to a pitch. The contestant will walk away from the session. Outside the confines they will be interviewed discussing the merits of their interview.

The Pitch Fest will give screenwriters advice on how to produce and develop their screenplay.

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