Tuesday, December 20, 2016

You Me and Palm Springs Summary

You Me and Palm Springs
Creator Mike Colonna 714-747-5670
CrossPoint Films

“Night and Day” Palm Springs is the one. A “chatty’ young chauffeur picks up two terrific young dancers at their villa at the Madison Country Club for a night on the town.  They  get Red Carpet treatment as they visit celebrity hot spots from  Morongo to Fantasy Springs.
A “movie star” atmosphere will set the tone for “You Me and Palm Springs.”   Grand Openings, Private Parties, Special Events are featured and promoted by our three celebrities. Restaurants from El Paseo, to Palm Canyon Drive, celebrity haunts like “ The Palm Springs Film Festival,” “The LaQuinta Art Festival,” “The Nest,” “Franks Place” and other famous watering holes.
You Me and Palm Springs will be produced for local Television News or Public Service.  Segments will be self contained with sponsorship at the top and the bottom with local TV media outlets selling one or two minute spots during each episode.
Producers will provide 1 minute, 2 minute, 3 minute stand alone edited clips, for News, Entertainment or Public Service .  Outlet can either fill sponsor slots or sponsorship segments can be delivered with sponsorship.
Desert European’s Rolls Royce Manager Jason Cammisa will be our chaperone/chauffeur.   The caliber of young dancers includes Brittany Cherry and Emma Salter, famous for their performances on the nations top rated TV Show On ABC “Dancing with The Stars.”  Availability and casting, To be determined.

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