Thursday, December 22, 2016

St. Tony's Summary

St. Tonys

Creator Mike Colonna


LOGLINE: A Jesuit priest assigns his autistic students to use computer science during Christmas for a trip back in time for the birth of Jesus.

SUMMARY: Father Hanson, a computer genius, works with his autistic students in a secret laboratory at St. Anthony High School in Wisconsin. Father Hanson discovers a way to go back to the time of Christ. He teaches these special students how time travel works. Break-trough hypotheses and formula’s turn back the clock thousands of years.

Three students volunteer to travel back to the birth of Jesus. Father Hanson creates an elaborate invention called the “Boomerang.” It’s designed to transport the volunteers back to the past within seconds.  In Israel they meet young ancient’s.  The ancient’s hide the volunteers from Roman patrols searching for a baby named Jesus.

The ancient’s lead Hanson’s students to a stable where they see three men dressed like kings. They see Mary and Joseph huddled over a baby in a manger.  A bright star streams a light down on the stable. The two teens are in awe. Their friend has been taken by a Roman patrol. The ancient’s observe the arrest. Time is running out. One of the ancient’s distracts the two Roman guards, the St. Anthony student escapes into a side alley. An ancient then leads him to the stable where his two friends are waiting. Now reunited, Father Hanson types in the correct codes that return the travelers back to the present.
Christmas will never be the same.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Stringer Summary

         TV series          
Creator Mike Colonna

GENRE: Action-Drama

LOGLINE: Nick Stringer, an ex-SAS Agent turned Formula One race car owner, dodges a ruthless drug cartel, and eludes a Scotland Yard “sting” while smuggling cocaine in the tires of his race cars.

SUMMARY: “It was pure, unadulterated bullshit!”  Getting caught, smuggling cocaine in the tires of Formula One cars. Nick Stringer, a charmer, and ex-SAS covert operator, stumbles onto the dark side. Stringer was a decorated soldier in the first gulf war.  He and two other coalition special operatives hid under the Saudi Desert sending real time information to the Florida war room. The Desert Storm “rats” caught the Iraqi Army sneaking out of Kuwait.  Air and land forces finished them off. The “Highway of Death”, made world headlines.

After the war, Stringer continued his passion for formula one racing. .  He became a hero after rescuing his pal, Ricardo Baltoni, from sure death, during the Long Beach Grand Prix. Stringer and Brigitta, his soul mate, lived the dream his yacht Arrows in Monaco Harbor.

Needing money, he smuggled cocaine from Bolivia in his race cars.  A handsome ladies man, Stringer knew all the right people. Drug profits were not enough to keep his Arrow’s team afloat. Stringer moonlighted as a high paid mercenary for MI-5, the CIA, and the Mossad. He killed insurgents in South Africa, escorted Gitmo detainees to “Black Sites,” he broke up a suicide bomb factory New York City, and blew up a shipment of uranium headed from France to Iran.

After months of surveillance Scotland Yard had Stringer by the short hairs. They tracked him from his yacht in Monaco to his flat in London. Customs documented his bank withdrawals and deposits. He was charged with selling and distributing cocaine to London’s elite.

He escaped during a botched Scotland Yard sting. Customs wanted him in prison the cartel wanted him dead. After a daring high speed chase, Stringer made it out alive. The Secret Service and Bolivians eventually cornered him New York. Like Houdini, he disappeared to live another day.

Fort Red Bull Summary

Fort Redbull
TV Series
  Created by Mike Colonna

GENRE: Action-Drama

LOGLINE: A young billionaire creates a private air force that becomes a CIA target.

SUMMARY: A convoy of former team of Navy Seals, Delta Force, and Black Ops, would escort an American CIA officer through a busy Baghdad market place on their way to the U.S. Green Zone.  The convoy comes to a screeching halt when large crowds block their path.  A group of militants are standing next to a truck loaded with rockets and grenade launchers.

The crowd surrounds the convoy, the American security team exits their SUV’s to clear a path, then all hell breaks lose.  The insurgents shoot indiscriminately into the crowd killing women and children.  Mayhem ensues, the crowd disperses, and the truck loaded with bad guys chases the convoy to the Green Zone.

Colonel Brad Barrett, the leader of the Special Ops team, is furious with the CIA officer, Allan Markus.  Markus was clearly responsible for choosing the route that ultimately made world headlines.

Barrett’s security company is blamed for the event and is discharged from doing business  with the American government.  Barrett receives twenty five million dollars, “golden parachute” from the Senate Armed Services Committee.  Barrett has a running feud with the CIA knowing he was framed by Allan Markus the CIA director.

Flash forward,  Barrett’s severance package from the US government becomes seed money for his next endeavor, a private air force.  His creates a private airforce. He armor plates “crop dusters” into lethal bombers.  Small nations  looking for an inexpensive way to thwart insurgencies line up to purchase Barrett’s Dusters.

Markus, now Chief CIA Director, wants to put Barrett out of business.  Plane manufacturers  bribe Markus. Barrett needs to go away.  Barrett around the world selling planes to foreign governments.  Markus makes Barrett enemy number one!.