Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Stringer Summary

         TV series          
Creator Mike Colonna

GENRE: Action-Drama

LOGLINE: Nick Stringer, an ex-SAS Agent turned Formula One race car owner, dodges a ruthless drug cartel, and eludes a Scotland Yard “sting” while smuggling cocaine in the tires of his race cars.

SUMMARY: “It was pure, unadulterated bullshit!”  Getting caught, smuggling cocaine in the tires of Formula One cars. Nick Stringer, a charmer, and ex-SAS covert operator, stumbles onto the dark side. Stringer was a decorated soldier in the first gulf war.  He and two other coalition special operatives hid under the Saudi Desert sending real time information to the Florida war room. The Desert Storm “rats” caught the Iraqi Army sneaking out of Kuwait.  Air and land forces finished them off. The “Highway of Death”, made world headlines.

After the war, Stringer continued his passion for formula one racing. .  He became a hero after rescuing his pal, Ricardo Baltoni, from sure death, during the Long Beach Grand Prix. Stringer and Brigitta, his soul mate, lived the dream his yacht Arrows in Monaco Harbor.

Needing money, he smuggled cocaine from Bolivia in his race cars.  A handsome ladies man, Stringer knew all the right people. Drug profits were not enough to keep his Arrow’s team afloat. Stringer moonlighted as a high paid mercenary for MI-5, the CIA, and the Mossad. He killed insurgents in South Africa, escorted Gitmo detainees to “Black Sites,” he broke up a suicide bomb factory New York City, and blew up a shipment of uranium headed from France to Iran.

After months of surveillance Scotland Yard had Stringer by the short hairs. They tracked him from his yacht in Monaco to his flat in London. Customs documented his bank withdrawals and deposits. He was charged with selling and distributing cocaine to London’s elite.

He escaped during a botched Scotland Yard sting. Customs wanted him in prison the cartel wanted him dead. After a daring high speed chase, Stringer made it out alive. The Secret Service and Bolivians eventually cornered him New York. Like Houdini, he disappeared to live another day.

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