Thursday, December 22, 2016

St. Tony's Summary

St. Tonys

Creator Mike Colonna


LOGLINE: A Jesuit priest assigns his autistic students to use computer science during Christmas for a trip back in time for the birth of Jesus.

SUMMARY: Father Hanson, a computer genius, works with his autistic students in a secret laboratory at St. Anthony High School in Wisconsin. Father Hanson discovers a way to go back to the time of Christ. He teaches these special students how time travel works. Break-trough hypotheses and formula’s turn back the clock thousands of years.

Three students volunteer to travel back to the birth of Jesus. Father Hanson creates an elaborate invention called the “Boomerang.” It’s designed to transport the volunteers back to the past within seconds.  In Israel they meet young ancient’s.  The ancient’s hide the volunteers from Roman patrols searching for a baby named Jesus.

The ancient’s lead Hanson’s students to a stable where they see three men dressed like kings. They see Mary and Joseph huddled over a baby in a manger.  A bright star streams a light down on the stable. The two teens are in awe. Their friend has been taken by a Roman patrol. The ancient’s observe the arrest. Time is running out. One of the ancient’s distracts the two Roman guards, the St. Anthony student escapes into a side alley. An ancient then leads him to the stable where his two friends are waiting. Now reunited, Father Hanson types in the correct codes that return the travelers back to the present.
Christmas will never be the same.

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